Artemis Water Strategy Webinar Series

The Shadow of Water Supply Risk

A steady supply of quality water is the cornerstone of life and business in the developed world today. As we face water supply shocks, the businesses that have applied advanced water management approaches will realize the benefit of resilient operations. They will be open—producing and providing services—when their competitors are not. We cannot place a value on water resiliency until water supply shocks begin to take their toll, but the shadow of water supply risk decreases the value of businesses that have not acted today.

A New Industry Blooms in the Desert

Advanced water technologies that provide ways for businesses to ensure steady operations in the face of water scarcity will develop a vibrant new industry segment. Instead of the massive customized installations that dominate water equipment sales industry today, “smart” onsite solutions that use more innovation and know-how and less concrete and steel will grow and dominate the water industry in the years to come.

  • How will the most conservative industry adapt to the sudden changes in the near future?
  • Which industries will pioneer new approaches to water use?
  • Which companies will make water their competitive tool to build leadership?
  • Which technology companies will emerge as the new Microsofts of the “high tech” boom for water?

Artemis Water Strategy Webinar Series will bring together the most promising advanced technology companies and the corporations that are applying them with key stakeholders—from the EPA, to the World Health Organization to leading venture capital investors-to provide insight as the new era of water tech emerges.



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